Euro British Coalition

Library Donation campaign
We find a lack of competence at present!

Much of the space at some Library Branches in 
Toronto Canada have been re-allocated to 
non-english related material such as from 
various parts of Asia including the Orient etc.
There may be material from other continents 
too likely around replacing traditional content. 

We believe everyone in this country is best 
served and better able to contribute when they 
are only improving in the two Official languages
of the nation on the whole, specifically English
and French (the latter required mainly in Quebec)

A new Policy we have just been advised of denies
merited individuals and organizations such as ours
contributing valuable and important works of 
English traditional culture and related music from
the continent to which it is related, unless it is
an extreme case of  stuff of antiquity or so it seems
in which case it requires pre-approval by the Head
librarian perhaps right now.  

For instance they just returned a CD we donated of 
beautiful Irish music featuring the RTE Orchestra of
Ireland with performances we believe by Meav 
on there too (we have a fansite setup for her at as well as a related site at
The library here it would therefore have to be concluded 
runs with as much wisdom - less in fact, than which is 
found in third world areas no doubt, where better 
judgment would prevail against a decision such as this 
and other decisions made here as to what cultural 
material to invest in, as the Prime Minister equally had 
made available huge sums for teaching natives ancient 
languages for use in place of better educating everyone
on the benefits of already established Official languages
which cry out for competence instead in this relation.

Added note (February 2020):
We recently purchased from the library's donation 
rejection centre, items they refused to put on the 
shelves which prospective donors would more rightly 
have been excepting the Library to do rather than
sell off for a single unit of currency (One Cdn dollar
that is) material such as brand new CDs of the likes of 
Andre Rieu (Dutch Music Master of European fame)
Helmut Lotti (the same) Ben Heppner (Cdn Tenor)
The Irish Tenors (would you believe??) Instead, it would
appear that massive materials from China flood the
shelves here instead so to speak, in areas of local
Library Branches of Toronto formerly devoted to 
British (English) and French language materials keeping
in line with the Consitutional framework enshrining these
as the two only official languages of choice for communal 
investment and cultivation ultimately.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(Human Rights Crusader additionally)

Our efforts began with a donation of complete collection 
of DVDs of the British 1971 Series "Upstairs Downstairs" 
We sent in July of that  year through the Toronto 
Mayor's (Mr. David Miller) office 

Upstairs Downstairs
Every library should offer this treasure!

We received a nice thank you from Mayor
David Miller personally (July 26th 2006).

Our modest effort over the years have included
donations of copies of Jane Austen's "Sense and 
Sensibility" (with Emma Thompson) The Remains 
of the day, Maigret (Michael Gambon) DVD set
Victor victoria, La vita e bella (Life is beautiful)
The Pianist, Onedin Line (BBC) Poirot Episodes
(Davis Suchet) Fawlty Towers (BBC) and others
to various Branches of the Library in Toronto
and some items to Whitby, Montreal and 
Vancouver (to which we sent along a "Sounds 
of England" CD as well as a leather bound copy 
of "On Liberty" (John Stuart Mill) and "The
two treatises of Government" (John Locke)

Music we have given away in this manner
have included the Victor Victoria Soundtack
(previously unavailable it seemed, around
at the library Branches here) and the greatest
hits of the US based great "Mormon choir"

Speaking of which, around 2006 we donated a 
complete "modestly equipped" karaoke system
consisting mainly of a Behringer (German 
engineered) amplifier and Shure microphone
along with a stand, hand-held device for displaying
multimedia content on TV screens and Personal
computer with sample Irish oriented karaoke
music files along with some discs of the same
nature to a Scottish woman (who may have been
from Ireland equally it seemed) with a music
outreach program that included both gospel and 
Irish core music used to entertain folks in retiree
homes and elsewhere in the church based
community members homes.

That same year we gave a nice Bar stool to an
Italian Cafe in town along with a stereo to take
home (too big to use in the cafe). Bought it cheap
from the Hudsons Bay company on an 60% 
clearance special.     



 Point of interest
for those interested in such
British programming here:

Complete series of episodes of 
the most popular British series 
including Britcoms and Drama 
offerings are presently available
and posted on youtube in order to
generate interest in better cultural
programming which is edifying
for all concerned. We hope this will
continue well into the future as it
means so much to us here at the
Euro British Coalition (Americas)

Check as well for freely available
download links for adequate
quality versions for viewing on TV
through our related site at and