Euro British Coalition

Library Donation campaign
We find a lack of competence at present!
We began by donating a complete collection of the British
 program"Upstairs Downstairs" DVDs  in mid 2006
It was sent in July of that  year through the Toronto 
Mayor's office (picture below)

Every library should offer this treasure!

We received a nice thank you from the 
local Toronto Mayor personally (July 26th 2006).              

We did send the Mayor a single copy of
"The Pianist" on DVD to encourage education
on elements of the holocaust which caused such injustices.
Several other titles shipped in mid September, 2006
(including BBC DVD sets (Onedin Line and Vanity Fair)
A&E DVD documentaries (including one on President Kennedy) Michael
Moore's Bowling for Columbine and others including several movie
titles as well with Al Pacino Pierce Bronnan and Michelle Pfeiffer.)
and a DVD of the musical "Chicago". 
In December we made donations to several library branches located in Toronto.
This included multiple copies of Ms. Emma Thompson's
 "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austen) La Vita e Bella, The Godfather 
(1144 people on the waiting lists for this one),  The Red Violin Fawlty Towers 
BBC rendition of Emma, The Remains of The Day etc. 

Our donations to the Library include
one in January 2012  (Parliament Street Branch )
Titles we've donated here include Complete
FawltyT owers collection, The Sound of Music
The Remains of the day, Victor Victoria, Reds,
Sense and sensibility, Poirot, The pianist 
The white Ribbon  and more!

Just this month (March 2019) we dropped
off the Ireland RTE Orchestra "Spirit of Ireland"
CD (around St Patrick's day) - we understood
it contained a glorious rendition of Meav 
( singing "When Irish eyes
are smiling" along with a couple of other greatest
songs too such as "Danny Boy"  Also given was
a subtitled blu-ray copy just received of 
"Sami Blood" (from Sweden) see reviews at 
Our CD Donations over the years have included 
the greatest hits of the Mormon Choir, some country 
music too and even a copy of the Victor Victoria
soundtrack at at time it cost a pretty penny.

.We have previously donated to several libraries including                  
Vancouver and Montreal Quebec.


Make  saner choicec instead
of third world programming!

 Great News for lovers
of British programming as at
January 2018

Complete series of episodes of 
the most popular British series 
including Britcoms and Drama 
offerings are presently available
and posted on youtube in order to
generate interest in better cultural
programming which is edifying
for all concerned. We hope this will
continue well into the future as it
means so much to us here at the
Euro British Coalition (Americas)



Out with the old...

It needs to be noted that Canadians in particular have altogether decided
on a course of abandoning all pretence to preferred choices in culture, religion
creed, and lifestyle choice. To do so is considered hateful. Instead all choices
are deemed equal and equally made welcome across the board and in all respects
to the extent of rejecting old ways as having denied others their share of the
pie, their share of the stage rather than the now rejected mainstream. This
official government video of British Columbia depicts the new ways of celebrating
in Canada in a way as to show a higher moral standard of acceptance than was
deemed acceptable in the past. Its an interesting time for all!!!!!!

How would President Obama of America vote on these issues at the library?

We think its pretty obvious he has a balanced attitude on an
equal spilt here only fair after all, no doubt!

Not with my taxes!
Note on other cultural investment choices opted for by Canadians:
There are at present (according to the City Librarians office), approx 500
families on the waiting list to borrow a copy of "The Sound of Music" for
their kids. Other titles in languages and formats quite exotic flood the
shelves here. In fact we have documented gross abuses of the greatest
incompetence where we have disclosed to press and public officials conditions
at libraries which lack ANY DVD movies in the English language on the shelves
(or French for that matter) while many many uncommon languages abound with
funds drawn from us all here! So far the press has not broken the story,
however we have gotten the message through to 10,000 concerned
parliamanterians worldwide in our hemisphere. We are donating as much as
we can to make up for this! Here is what we found on the shelves rather than
Sense and Sensibility for which 350 remain on the waiting lists.
Lots of foreign language stuff instead which does nothing to help kids with
homework from school!
We demand fairness in the stewardship of our resources in the better care
and concern for our children! Write your public officials today!

We have had mixed results in our donation attempts involving several
libraries in as many cities in Ontario and Quebec and BC (for starters).
Our most recent gift to Quebec was the complete Maigret DVD collection
along with several other BBC titles from Jane Austen productions and
a Melanie Griffith movie. We sent a good many DVDs to Vancouver including
the complete BBC Jane Austen collection Yes Minister The Godfather
Fawlty Towers and "Sounds of England" CD as well as "The last days of
disco". In addition we happily sent Vancouver leather bound editions of
"On Liberty" and "The two treatises of government"  ..

Click to view! Official government video of British Columbia 
(Premier and Minister shown)

Latin: (affirmative action)
bene merenti mala es
male merenti bona es  - Plautus
(The effects of affirmative action:
To a man well deserving you are as evil
to a man ill deserving you "do good" instead)