Recommended reading:
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Political Science/Philosophy
 1) On - Liberty Mr. John Stuart Mill
Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill
 3) Two Treatises of Government (John Locke)
 4) Mein Kampf (madman Hitler)
 5) Man in Darkness (Mr. Walter Stace)
 6) The Apology (Death of Socrates) by Plato
 7) A vindication of the rights of women by 
 Ms. Mary Wollstonecraft

 8) The Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes)
 9) The Social Contract (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
10) The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx)
11) The inequality of the Races (De Gobineau)
12) The Prince (Machiavelli)

The standards of English literature
Complete works of Jane Austen,
Charles Dickens Shakespeare and others

  1) Pride and Prejudice by (Jane Austen)
  2) Sense and sensibility (Jane Austen)
  3) Emma (Jane Austen)
  4) Mansfield Park
  4) The Remains of the Day (Emma Thompson Film)
  5) Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)
  6) Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens)

  Sonnets of Shakespeare
  Famous Latin Quotes (various sources)
  Common Legal Phrases - Corporate Law 
(Various sources)

Self help
  How to win friends and influence 
people by Mr. Dale Carnegie